Welcome to Harmony, an Italian-American community in the 1960s, where the arrival of a charming stranger transforms the lives of everyone at Dino's garage and diner.

Creatives Edit

Matthew Bourne - Director & Choreographer

Terry Davies - Music

Lez Brotherston - Set & Costume Design

Chris Davey - Lighting Designer

Paul Groothuis - Sound Designer

Etta Murfitt - Associate Artistic Director

Neil Westmoreland - Resident Director (2015)

Previous Tours Edit

The Car Man Tour 2015

The Car Man UK Tour 2007

The Car Man UK & International Tour 2000-2002

Filmed Productions Edit

The Car Man has been filmed twice, once in 2001 in a studio, the other time a live performance at Sadler's Wells in 2015.

2001 Edit

This production was filmed for television and broadcast on the 22nd of December 2001 on Channel 4. It was later released on video and then DVD.

Cast Edit

Luca Alan Vincent
Lana Saranne Curtin
Angelo Will Kemp
Rita/Virginia Etta Murfitt
Dino Scott Ambler
Mercedes Vicky Evans
Rocco Arthur Pita
Monica Valentina Formenti
Bruno Stephen Berkeley-White
Gina Heather Habens
Sandra Rachel Lancaster
Delores Shelby Williams
"Hot" Rod Adam Galbraith
Chad Lee Smikle
Vito/Erick Neil Penlington
Marco Ben Hartley
Dirk James Leece
Chuck/Dexter/AL Darren J Fawthrop
Shirley Michela Meazza
Barman Paulo Kadow

2015 Edit

Two live performances of The Car Man were filmed at Sadler's Wells on the 21st and 24th of July 2015. The film was broadcast on Sky Arts on Monday the 2nd of August 2015 and will be shown in selected cinemas from March 1st 2016.

Cast Edit

Luca Chris Trenfield
Lana Zizi Strallen
Angelo Dominic North
Rita/Virginia Kate Lyons
Dino Alan Vincent
Rocco Danny Collins
Mercedes Cordelia Braithwaite
Bruno Glenn Graham
Monica Katrina Lyndon
"Hot" Rod Tom Clark
Gina Nicole Kabera
Vito/Erick Andrew Monaghan
Marco Danny Reubens
Chad Leon Moran
Frankie Katie Webb
Dirk/Jose/Dexter Dan Wright
Delores/Shirley Pia Driver

Links Edit

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