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The Private Secretary Edit

Swan 1/Nobleman/Rent Boy Edit

Swan 2/Sailor Edit

Swan 3/Joe Orton Edit

Swan 4/Troll/Spanish Escort Edit

Swan 5/Photographer/TV Presenter Edit

Swan 6/Sailor Edit

Swan 7/Quentin Crisp/Monaco Escort Edit

Swan 8/Queen's Escort Edit

Swan 9/Club Owner/Romanian Escort Edit

Swan 10/Pop Idol/French Escort Edit

Swan 11/Porn Star/German Escort Edit

Swan 12/Hungarian Escort/Kray Edit

Swan 13/Italian Escort Edit

Swan 14/Kray Edit

French Princess/Mothmaiden/June Buckridge Edit

German Princess/Butterfly/Fan Dancer Edit

Hungarian Princess/Butterfly/Hostess Edit

Italian Princess/Moth/Hostess Edit

Monaco Princess/Moth/Barmaid Edit

Romanian Princess/Troll/Purple Party Girl Edit

Spanish Princess/Troll/Pink Party Girl Edit

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