Tours Edit

November 2004 - January 2005: USA

May 2004: Korea

March-April 2004: Japan

November 2003 - January 2004: Sadler's Wells and UK tour

2002-2003: Sadler's Wells

Casts Edit

USA Cast 2004-2005 Edit



Sugar/Princess Sugar

Fritz/Prince Bon-Bon

Mrs. Dross/Queen Candy

Dr. Dross/King Candy

Enid/Cupid 1

Edward/Cupid 2

Nicolas/Knickerbocker Glory

Ruby/Licorice Lady

Mikey/Licorice Man 1

Vic/Licorice Man 2

Jack/Gobstopper 1

Bob/Gobstopper 2

Little Willy/Gobstopper 3

Lotte/Marshmallow 1

Tilly/Marshmallow 2

George/Marshmallow 3

Cordie/Marshmallow 4

Clemmie/Marshmallow 5

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