Tours Edit

1994: Sadler's Wells

1993: Sadler's Wells

1992: Edinburgh

Casts Edit

Original Cast in Edinburgh on 26 August 1992:

Dr Dross/King Sherbert - Barry Atkinson

Matron/Queen Candy - Rosemary Allen

Sugar/Princess Sugar - Ally Fitzpatrick

Fritz/Prince Bon-Bon - Scott Ambler

Clara - Etta Murfitt

Nutcracker - Andrew George

Orphans - Teresa Barker, Saranne Curtin, Misha Downey, Maxine Fone, Friedrich Gehrig, Andrew George, Mary Herbert, Phil Hill, Rachel Krische, Jason Lewis, Simon Murphy, Susan Jellings, Anton Skrzypiciel

Governors and wives - Bruce Budd, Daivid Owen Lewis, Angela Sorrigan, Gladwyn Taylor

Cupids - Simon Murphy, Maxine Fone

The Doorman - Scott Ambler

Liquorice Trio - Teresa Barker, Misha Downey, Friedrich Gehrig, Saranne Curtin

Knickerbocker Glory - Anton Skrzypiciel

Marshmallow Girls - Maxine Fone, Mary Herbert, Rachel Krische, Susan Jellings,

The Gobstoppers - Phil Hill, Jason Lewis, Simon Murphy

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