Summary: Clara, an orphan in a dreary orphanage, is given a Nutcracker for Christmas and her world transforms.

Premiere: 26 August 1992, King's Theatre, Edinburgh (AMP); 20 November 2002, Sadler's Wells (NA)

Tours Edit

Nutcracker! Tour 2011-2012

Nutcracker! UK Tour 2007-2008

Nutcracker! UK & International Tours 2002-2005

Nutcracker! 1992-1994

Creatives Edit

Matthew Bourne - Director, Choreographer and Creator

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Anthony Ward - Set and Costume Designer

Howard Harrison - Lighting Designer

Paul Groothuis - Sound Designer

Filmed Production Edit

This production was recorded for the BBC and broadcast on 21 December 2003, later released on DVD.

DVD Cast: Edit

Dr Dross/King Sherbert - Scott Ambler

Matron/Queen Candy - Emily Piercy

Sugar/Princess Sugar - Saranne Curtin

Fritz/Prince Bon-Bon - Ewan Wardrop

Clara - Etta Murfitt

Nutcracker - Alan Vincent

Orphans - The company

Orphanage Governors - Isabel Mortimer, Kerry Biggin, Simon Wakefield, Ross Carpenter

Cupids - Valentina Formenti, Neil Penlington

The Humbug - Ross Carpenter

Licorice Lady - Vicky Evans

Licorice Men - Richard Winsor, Paulo Kadow

Knickerbocker Glory - Arthur Pita

Marshmallow Girls - Rachel Lancaster, Belinda Lee Chapman, Michela Meazza, Shelby Williams, Mami Tomotani

The Gobstoppers - Adam Galbraith, James Leece, Lee Smikle

Links Edit

New Adventures: Nutcracker!

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