Director and choreographer of New Adventures' shows.

For New Adventures Edit

Sleeping Beauty (2012)

Lord of the Flies (2011)

Dorian Gray (2008)

Edward Scissorhands (2005)

Play Without Words (2002)

For Adventures in Motion Pictures Edit

The Car Man (2000)

Cinderella (1997)

Swan Lake (1995)

Highland Fling (1994)

Nutcracker! (1992)

Spitfire (1998)

Town and Country

The Infernal Galop

Deadly Serious

The Percys of Fitzrovia

Other Work Edit

Transitions (1986) - dancer

Cameron Makintosh's Olivier! (1994) and My Fair Lady (2001) - choreographer

National Theatre's South Pacific (2001) - choreographer

Mary Poppins (2004) - co-director and choreographer

Training Edit

The Laban Centre (1985)

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