Tours Edit

1997: Donmar Warehouse

1995: Donmar Warehouse

1994: Bristol

Casts Edit

Original 1994 cast:

The Sylph Maxine Fone
James Scott Ambler
Effie Emily Piercey
Madge Etta Murfitt
Gurn Simon Murphy
Dorty Rosie Allen
Robbie Andrew George

Casts in the revivals included:

The Sylph Jacqueline Anderson
James Neil Penlington
Madge Isabel Mortimer
Gurn Phil Hill, Neil Penlington, Lee Boggess, Theo Clinkard
Dorty Heather Habens
Robbie Mark Mitchell, Neil Penlington, Lee Boggess
Covers/Sylphs Saranne Curtin, Lee Boggess, Jacqueline Anderson

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